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We are super excited to welcome Dr. Rebecca to Gilded Dreams! Yes, a doctor with specialised training in dermatology and aesthetics!! You can be rest assured that you are in very capable hands when undertaking these specialised facial treatments.


Let’s Meet Dr. Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca is a Facial Aesthetics Doctor practising in North Lancashire and South Cumbria. She qualified in Medicine from the University of Birmingham in 2010. Dr. Rebecca was awarded a fellowship in Dermatology and then carried out postgraduate qualifications in practical Dermatology at The University of Cardiff and became experienced in minor surgery. She trained in Facial Aesthetics with one of the leading Facial Aesthetics Academies in the area and now prides herself in being able to offer bespoke non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments by a qualified medical practitioner.

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Facial Aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions

To help, here are some common questions we get asked about our Botox & Dermal Filler Treatments


What is it ?

Botox is a proven anti-wrinkle treatment. It is a naturally derived protein which helps to relax muscles and gives the skin a smoother more youthful finish.

Dermal Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring gel-like fluid, found within our own skin. Hyaluronic acid gives our skin elasticity and hydration resulting in a natural looking youthful glow. They can also replace lost volume, smooth out wrinkles around the mouth area and create improved definition and shape. Lip fillers add volume to the lips in order to create a bigger, plumper appearance.

How is the procedure done?

For the Anti-Ageing Treatments, Dr Rebecca uses Azzalure which is a branded form of Botulinum. Azzalure is introduced using a very fine needle into the skin. The procedure can cause minor discomfort and very occasionally local bruising. We regularly treat the lines around the eyes - the crows feet or smile lines. Other areas can be the forehead lines and frown lines.

For the Dermal Fillers, Dr Rebecca uses Restylane which is introduced underneath the skin using a very fine needle. Restytlane contains a numbing agent which helps to reduce any discomfort. The procedure may cause mild local bruising. Common areas we treat are the nasolabial lines (mouth to nose lines) and the marionette lines (beside the corner of the mouth).

How safe is it?

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) has been tried and tested for many years in the cosmetic sector but has been around even longer in other medical areas and as such is considered to be a safe procedure. Very rarely people can have an allergic reaction and it has been reported that occasionally other muscles can be affected other than what was intended.

Dermal Fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a natural product found within the skin and only very rarely cause an allergic reaction. Dermal Fillers MUST be given by a trained medical professional to avoid causing harm to local areas which is why you are in safe hands with Dr. Rebecca performing this specialised treatment.

Does it hurt?

The answer is, no! The needles used for Botox and dermal fillers are extremely tiny so you will feel no pain when injected at our clinic.

After the Botox injections you may feel slight stinging around the injection site but this is temporary. Bruising is always a possibility. If you bruise, this will be very minimal and should resolve after a couple of days. You may experience a headache (which is rare but temporary) after your Botox treatment. If this happens, you may take pain relievers as directed.

During your dermal filler injections, we use anaesthetic to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort at all. Without anaesthetic cream, it would be uncomfortable (but typically not painful) as is any injection. Afterwards, you may have a small amount of swelling and there is the possibility of some bruising. Bruising is caused by tiny blood vessels (capillaries) being incidentally broken during the injection.

How long does it last?

The effects of Botox can last up to 3-4months but then gradually the lines and wrinkles will begin to reappear. At this point we would recommend a repeat treatment. With continued treatment the appearance of wrinkles overall will be reduced.   

On average we find Dermal Fillers last around 12 months although we can top up sooner if need be.