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The city of Lancaster located in Lancashire has a breadth of history behind it. Starting from the Roman Saxon era that first laid down the first fortification which became the city’s foundational township; to the bygone days of the Medieval era wherein the Royal Duchies established its Red Roses emblem – strengthened Lancaster’s place in the forays of history.  Located near the River Lune – which it got it’s name from – Lancaster specializes in raw materials (textiles, chemicals, etc.) and with the influx of small Information Technology companies it has become a buzzing small city that offer both memories and possibilities. This city has some truly remarkable stories to offer.

Which is why Gilded Dreams Salon has come to Lancaster to enrich this city’s penchant taste for history and opportunity. A mix of insatiable flavors of the decorative ‘30s with modern techniques for Tanning, Massage, Nail Care, and other services; this beauty salon harbours contemporary spa needs. Suitably furnished for the client’s maximum relaxation benefits, luxurious endeavors, and comfort seeking inclinations. It’s your one stop shop for those who seek affordable yet top-of-the-line pampering services.


Gilded Dreams near Lancaster provides up market luxury treatments at an affordable price. Our salon is like no other from the bespoke decor that was handcrafted by our local artist David Handford to the fabulous, friendly, professional staff not to mention all the amazing beauty and holistic treatments. Pampering everyone deserves and can afford!


Gilded Dreams puts their best hands and feet treatments forward. We take pride in caring for your nails and feet and ensure that we treat them with love and care. We only use top quality products to ensure that your service is second to none such as Gelish and CND. When your hands and feet need more tender care we have fabulous treatments to rehydrate, soften and rejuvenate them.

Gilded Dreams are Waxperts and can remove any unwanted, unsightly hair anywhere on your entire body. We use Waxperts Wax, the best product on todays market, ensuring you have the most comfortable experience possible. Come join the Smoothie Club!

GIlded Dream has two experienced Massage Therapists able to use a number of different techniques to tailor your treatment to your needs such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Indian Head, Reflexology, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy. Massage is proven to relieve stress, anxiety, aches and pains as well as to promote relaxation. Lets be truthful we all could use a massage!


Brows & Lashes are all the rage! Of course there are many differing types of ways to enhance your brows and lashes and are available at Gilded Dreams. For brows we offer waxing, shaping, tinting, tweezing, makeup as well as tattooing. We can make your brows just the way you want them. Lashes we can offer tinting, LVL (Lash lift, volume and length), strip lashes and full extensions. Let us make your lashes flutter!

Does your skin look dull and tired? Has winter zapped all your moisture out of your skin? At Gilded Dreams we offer Top-To-Toe Body polishes and scrubs which will leave your skin feeling refreshed, invigorated, bright and ultra smooth. You can also indulge your self and combine this treatment with a full body massage for an ultimate relaxing pamper!

The salon offers those that are looking for sun-kissed summer skin with Gilded Dreams’ Tanning services. With the Sunquest Sunshower or our amazing Moroccan Spray tan your skin can be redefined as a beach loving specimen.

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Gilded Dreams near Lancaster is run by an enthusiastic and passionate driven team. Interestingly, their paths collide with their dreams in check to make up an eclectic and friendly place to relax. Taking great care to provide fabulous services with top brand products all at an affordable price so that all men and women can get the pampering they deserve. Every treatment is well thought out to maximize your enjoyment and tailored to your specific needs.


You won’t be disappointed by the level of service you will receive. Assuring you that you’ll leave the salon satisfied and remarkably changed – physically and mentally. Why not indulge yourself today with us at Gilded Dreams near Lancaster!

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